Romel Sims


Oct 11 2023


2 Shows Available
6:00 pm - 7:15 pm



1st Set With Romel Sims

Showtimes:   6pm-7:15pm & 8:15pm-9:30pm

For over 10 years, Romel Sims has been a noteworthy Artist, visionary, and creative.  Being featured on TEDx, PBS, and Coors Light ads.  Having studied composition, orchestration, and business at the prestigious NYU Steinhardt Music, The Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, and Brevard Institute.  Currently Romel is working on a solo project to be released soon.

Starting out, the idea of living the artist life was the last thing on Sims's minds.  Black American music(i.e jazz, Hip hop, Blues) played a huge role in Romel's adolescent years leading to a career in music.  After doing local gigs with multiple bands throughout Cincinnati, Oh, Romel realized the only way for him to evolve as a performer was to hit the road.  Over the Past handful of years, Sims has logged thousands of gigs — with the occasional festival appearances — in cities across the country (Chicago, New York & Houston).

" The music is beyond me, it heals, connects, & is the manifestation of creativity.  Whether I'm composing an orchestration or improvising in the moment I take joy in it, ALL OF IT.  I honor my culture for its embrace on my music & I thank other cultures for allowing me to learn their music and properly respect these rich traditions & innovations.  It's communal from the music to the people by the people." - Romel Sims

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6pm - 7:15pm
Romel Sims
First Show
8:15pm - 9:30pm
Romel Sims
Second Show
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