Ken Shiokawa


Aug 05 2022


1 Show Available
10:30 pm - 11:45 pm



Late Night Concert Series w/Ken Shiokawa

Showtimes:   10:30pm-11:45pm

Ken Shiokawa is “one-of-a-kind” pianist who can capture the real “feeling of living” right at the moment of his performance. To describe his music in one word…. soulful! Ken’s unique background as a pianist and also an architect brings a special twist in his musical creation. His pianistic style is difficult to be categorized. It goes beyond conventional styles of jazz and blues. Ken is interested in transforming ideas of art, architecture and music into a coherent whole.

He started performing professionally as a jazz pianist in 1996. He formed the Ken Shiokawa Quartet in 1997, and recorded his first album “One Way Trip” in 1998. His second album showcased the Ken Shiokawa Duo “Live at Joey’s Brickhouse” in 2002. Ken continued performing in restaurants, bars, clubs, and concerts on nights and weekends while working as an architect at some well-known firms during the day. His work on residential, commercial, educational and public buildings can be seen throughout Chicago.

In recent years, Ken returns to perform his jazz concerts in his homeland, Japan, on a regular basis. He uses music to create his architecture and he uses architecture to compose his music. Ken’s true passion is to combine his music and architecture together to create something more fun, positive and powerful for people to enjoy.

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10:30pm - 11:45pm
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