World Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day
Start Date/Time: Thursday, November 15, 2018 4:00 PM

Today is World Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day.  Like many of you, we at Andy's Jazz Club have had family and friends lives forever be affected by the effects of Pancreatic Cancer.  Today we join the cause in bringing attention to this devastating ailment.  A portion of your admission tonight and all sales of this events cocktail menu will be donated to Chicago's own Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation.

Cancer of the pancreas is the malignant growth of abnormal cells that arise in the pancreas. The uncontrollable multiplication of these cells forms a mass, or tumor, and is a dire threat to healthy tissue and bodily function. Depending on where the tumors are in the pancreas, they can interfere with the normal tasks of the pancreas, resulting in diabetes or serious digestive problems.

Pancreatic cancer is not one disease – in fact, as many as twenty different tumors have been grouped under the term, “cancer of the pancreas” – and prognoses and treatment options vary based on the specific tumor found, its stage, and its location (pancreatic cancer can manifest in the head, body or tail of the pancreas).  Primarily, cancer of the pancreas can be broadly sub-grouped into exocrine tumors and endocrine tumors.  

According to the American Cancer Society, pancreatic cancer is one of the few cancers for which survival rates have not improved substantially during the last 40 years. The Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation aims to change that. Donor support is at the root of all of the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation’s endeavors. Our efforts into early detection pancreatic cancer research are made possible because of donors like you.

For a much more detailed explanation of the many forms of pancreatic cancer, please visit the website of the Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center, which is supported in part by the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation. 


Admission:  $10