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Originating in 1950 as an oasis for the employees of the newspaper industry that called this area of the city home.  "Andy's" was the work of entrepreneur Andy Rizzuto.  He saw possibility in the location and opened his self-named saloon at 11 E. Hubbard Street.  Serving shots, beer and pub grub to the ample waves of pressmen from the newspaper industry, Andy was able to maintain his business through the early 1970's when he sold the property and ownership of the venue changed hands to Scott Chisholm.

Mindful of the current clientele neither the name nor the focus on the newspaper industry changed during this process always keeping the regulars in mind until opportunity walked in the door.  Early 1977 brought traditional jazz promoter Penny Tyler & guitarist John Defauw into "Andy's" and set into motion the wheels of subtle change inside the little saloon known as "Andy's".  They had been promoting Jazz sessions in town and were scouting for new locations when they happened across "Andy's".  A short trial period later and a new Jazz session location was formed at "Andy's".

The response to these lunch hour sessions was so positive that the saloon soon expanded the "Jazz at Noon" sessions to include multiple days of the week and over time opening into the evening with "Jazz at Five"...Andy's Jazz Club was born!  The Jazz soon expanded to 5 days and as the neighborhood started taking shape allowing for expansion yet again to include "Jazz at Nine".  LIve performances pinnacled when we featured 3 bands per day, each band playing multiple with band start times of 12pm, 5pm, 9pm.

Over the past 65 years, "Andy's" has watched the area as it continued to expand and grow to the trendy hub it has not become.  Times change and Andy's has altered its musical offerings to meet these changes.  While the "Jazz at Noon" may be taking a much needed hiatus and is no longer offered..."Jazz at Five" and "Jazz at Nine" are still very much ALIVE!

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